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Building Materials in Lubbock

White Building Materials was incorporated April 22, 2010, and began operations in June 2010. Although the company is new, the man that began the business and his family have a lengthy history with the lumber and building material industry.

Jerry White started his lumber career in the late 60’s. Jerry began working at Jack Fry Lumber Company mainly because of his connection to Jackie Fry (Jack Fry’s daughter). Jerry and Jackie dated throughout high school and married in 1971. Jerry was originally hired as a yard hand at Jack Fry Lumber Company, but quickly worked his way up to a management position. His wife, Jackie, worked with him and they took ownership of the family business in 1983. After the business closed in 1991, Jerry continued his career by selling lumber and building materials in the Lubbock area. Jerry was employed at various businesses during his career in the lumber industry, and worked as a yard/delivery man, a foreman, a sales representative, an assistant manager, and an owner.

Jerry’s success in sales is largely due to his dedication to his customers. Jerry developed strong relationships with his clients by focusing on providing great customer service.

In 2006, Jeremy White, son of Jerry and Jackie, began his lumber career, specializing in commercial building material sales for a large corporate chain, where Jerry and Jeremy worked together.

For years, Jerry dreamed of starting his own business and in 2009 he began to work toward his goal. After months of hard work, planning and preparation, White Building Materials opened its doors in June of 2010. With Jackie and Jeremy working by Jerry’s side, White Building Materials is truly a family owned business. WBM is locally owned and operated and Jerry, Jackie and Jeremy have lived and worked in the Lubbock area for most of their lives.


WBM is a member and/or supports:


  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Sales Executive Association
  • West Texas Home Builders Assocation
  • National Home Builders Assocation
  • National Independent Federation of Business
  • National Write Your Congressman
  • Supports

  • Habitat for Humanity


  • Signature Dealer for AMSCO (Windows)
  • Excellence Award for Masonite (Doors)